Will Lytton

About the Artist

Born and raised in the Tri-City area and preparing to graduate from Columbus State University in Spring 2020, William Lytton has focused his elements on the creative focus of storytelling through the mediums of Painting, Illustration, and Animation. His ideas although based in the realms of reality also intend to inspire on a level understood by all. There are life lessons and things to think about when looking at his work. His ideas are not understood by all but will eventually become something we all face throughout our lives. The harsher reality of things we go through life and the consequence and interpretation of them.

Artist Statement

We as humans seek visual simulations to transfer us through a plethora of sensations and emotions. When where watching a movie or reading a book we instinctively cling to thoughts, ideas and experiences that are similar to our own. Through my artwork I seek to evaluate how thinking about how these stimulations make us think about life and the experiences we go through in our day to day lives and the mark it leaves on us thereafter. In this series of work I am titling "Childhood Recollections" I aim to interpret my own collection of childhood experiences and the mark they have left on me as an adult.

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