Jade Tamaski

About the Artist

Jade Tamaski is an artist currently living and working in her hometown of Columbus, Georgia. She is a wife and mother. Her work consists of paintings and drawings reflecting on life experiences. She uses the nostalgia of places and people to portray emotion in her

Majority of her artwork are acrylic paintings and graphite drawings. She has recently began working with watercolor and plans to continue working in this medium. 

Artist Statement

When I began working on this project, I had in mind a message I wanted to present. I wanted to capture these ideal moments and memories with family members I had lost. It is about grief, but also about beauty. 

I want my audience to feel a personal connection with these drawings. To have a nostalgic familiarity, like they could be looking at their own family memories. It was important for my work to be small and intimate. I can remember as a child flipping through our family’s old photo album, the cracking of the plastic pages and seeing my parents youthful and all smiles. And going through old photos of my sister in law remembering when she was healthy and beautiful.

Posing in front of the camera, happy and holding on to each other, this is how I want to remember my family. The importance of these moments we have with our loved ones is undeniable. They are precious and should not be taken for granted.  I hope you enjoy this collection and remember the good times always.

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